Mission Statement: Keeping pets and families together by subsidizing necessary pet care to low income individuals. 

Who We Are:

Parachutes for Pets was founded in February 2019 and is preparing its official launch May 2019. It had been in the planning stages for sometime but after a local story broke about a sick and neglected dog abandoned in a local pet store Parachutes was officially born. Pet care can be expensive, especially if your pet relies on daily medication. Upon approval, Parachutes for Pets will assist in funding with the areas below. 

Who We Help:

Senior Citizens(must be receiving government pension)

Individuals receieving AISH

Homeless individuals with pets

What We Help With: *PLEASE NOTE WE CURRENTLY HAVE A WAITLIST due to lack of funding*

Necessary medications for pets with a chronic condition 

Necessary grooming (matt removal) and nail trims

Emergency vet care may be approved on a case by case basis up to $300 (PetCard and PayBright have to be applied for first)

*Please see our other resources page for services not listed here offered by other agencies*

How the program works:

Applications will be submitted directly to Parachutes for Pets. There is a yearly cap on funding per household.