We love a happily ever after! Check out our stories below to see how Parachutes for Pets is keeping families together.



This is Hemi. Hemi’s mom contacted us frantically when after he had been ill for a few days and could no longer had the strength to stand up on his own. She had been calling around frantically but could not get a vet to accept any payment plans. His mom suffers from a sever medical condition and lives on a fixed income. She was unable to afford the full amount for Hemi to be examined and treated. We were able to get Hemi veterinary care immediately and he recovered quickly! This is him dressed up for Halloween this year. 



Knuckles's young owner had just received an organ transplant when Knuckles developed an abscess around his jaw. With the family being busy at the hospital, it went undetected for a few days until his whole face was swollen. When a recovering child asks you to save his cat, you save his cat! We are happy to report that Knuckles is happy and healthy today and so is his owner! 



Sadie was rushed to the vet with multiple large bladder stones. Her owner who is physical impaired and only has Sadie for family was informed there were two options: emergency surgery or euthanasia. When we were contacted, the owner was so distraught, it was hard to understand her on the phone. Sadie was her only family. We are ecstatic to report Sadie was saved and is happy and healthy. She just celebrated Halloween as Peppa Pig.